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Holy Week is just around the corner! Please visit the Events page for teaching and liturgy schedule, as well as cost information. Email Rebecca at for a registration form.

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Wisdom describes an ancient stream of transformational methodology that has existed since the beginnings of the world’s great spiritual traditions. It is the stream that runs beneath them and informs them all. And while it is not exclusively identified with any one of them, it can express itself in the deepest levels of them all.

Fundamentally, Wisdom describes a lineage of spiritual knowledge that is principally concerned with the alchemy of transformation. It is not about knowing more, but about knowing more deeply, and it might be marked by an alert, present-moment awareness and a compassionate intelligence. Attention and surrender are the banks between which Wisdom flows.

William Redfield

Bill Redfield has recently retired as rector of Trinity Church, Fayetteville, NY, after nearly 20 years. Besides being an Episcopal priest, he is also a licensed clinical social worker and has worked in private practice in Central New York and Maine. He has had a lifelong interest in the intersection of spirituality and the inner life. He is the creative force behind the birth of Wisdom House, Fayetteville, NY. Bill was introduced to Centering Prayer by Cynthia Bourgeault over 23 years ago and has been as active student of hers for the last eight years. Bill can be contacted at: